How fast does my internet need to be to use Screach?

How fast does my internet need to be to use Screach?

To get the best use of the Screach service, we recommend the following internet speeds:

Use of Smart Digital Signage only – 1Mbps
Use of any streamed content – 10Mbps
Top tip! To get the best out of Screach you should use a private (not public) internet connection. 
Don’t know your venue’s internet speed? If you are currently connected to your venue’s internet, click here to find out.

It is recommended to do this test on the device you are using the ScreachTv app on make sure the device is connected to the  internet and then open up a web Brower app on that device then type in in to the URL bar and search. 

For Android Devices open up the Google Chrome App
For Amazon Devices open up the internet or Amazon silk app.
For Web OS open up the Web Browser app

Need additional support? Please contact our Customer Support Team.
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