Using a Web Browser via Laptop / PC / Tablet

Using a Web Browser via Laptop / PC / Tablet

Using a computer to run the ScreachTV service

  1. Open up a browser window on your computer in Chrome, Edge or Safari
  2. Type into the address bar to access the Web player
  3. Open a new tab or separate window in your browser
  4. Go to and login with user credentials (these can be found in the welcome email)
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions* to register the device.
    1. *You will need the device code will be showing on the window
  6. Once registered test content will automatically play. Check both the audio and video are working from your device correctly

How do you know you’ve done a successful set up?

  1. Once registered the player screen will change to say: Hi there! I'm (Name of device)
  2. Press the pink play button to start playback
  3. Next a test content stream will automatically play. For you to check that both the audio and video is working from your device correctly
  4. The final step is to choose the content you wish to stream. Head back to the customer hub and select a content stream from Your Content Store

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