Uploading your own media to Screach

Uploading your own media to Screach

With Screach you can upload your own media including images and video to make your local venue channels completely personalised.  

  1. Start by going to the Promotions area in the portal, this can be found in the main navigation menu.  

  1. Select the pink + icon in the bottom right of this area, this will take you to the Assets page.  

  1. Now, choose Select files on your computer (or directly drag files into the box!). This will open your files where you can select and the media you want to upload.  

  1. Once opened, the media will appear at the top of the Assets page. From here, drag and drop media asset(s) into the box with the pink + icon below – this will create your media item. 

    1. (Top tip! If you have uploaded many media assets that will be displayed in the same screen format (landscape, portrait, promo or banner), you can use Auto Assign to save time drag and dropping!) 

  2. From here, you can rename the media item, reposition the asset in different area of the screen (note: the asset will assign to the Landscape area by default), set the play duration and schedule play from/until dates. 

  1. Additional media items can be made by selecting the pink + icon. 

  1. Once ready, select the Save button which can be found in the top right of the screen – you will then see your uploaded media in the Promotions area where it can be distributed to local venue channels and Facebook business pages. 

*Some functionality may require an upgraded account.  

Now that you know how to upload your own media to Screach, learn here how to select your media and our templates from the promotional library.

Need additional support? Please contact our Customer Support Team. 

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