Screach TV App – Complete Testing Guide

Screach TV App – Complete Testing Guide


The purpose of this testing guide is to provide Screach App testers with:
  1. Essential knowledge of how the ScreachTV App should operate to remove any uncertainties as to whether the App is working correctly or not.
  2. The necessary step-by-step instructions needed to test the ScreachTV App.

Essential knowledge

Note: you must read this before testing the ScreachTV App.
It is important for testers to understand that the ScreachTV App (and Screach service) is not a consumer streaming service like Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney+.

The ScreachTV App is a commercial (or business) service for premises like bars, hotels and leisure centres, meaning it is not designed to work in the same way as the ‘typical’ streaming Apps mentioned above. Unlike other streaming Apps, Screach is used for digital signage as well as live streaming.

Because of this, there are several scenarios which may occur during testing where testers may believe they have encountered an issue. However, this is likely to be a design feature which provides a benefit to the end user (the business customer).

The following scenarios and knowledge should be considered when testing: 

I have selected a channel to play, but there is no option to play the channel?

Some content in the Content Store is only available when purchased, in such cases a user will see “Add licences” instead of a “Watch” option. Testers have access to the channels available with Screach Smart Digital Signage. 

I have applied a channel to a player device, but nothing has appeared on the screen?

Screach doesn’t play content on devices instantly like a physical remote control does - it can take up to 15 seconds for content to play on a player device once a channel is selected.

I have applied a channel to a player device, but the screen is displaying a message that the channel is not available in my country?

All third-party content is geo-restricted, meaning the above message will show on the screen by default if you are not testing in an approved country.
Note: all IP addresses specified by your testing documentation have been whitelisted, granting access to available channels. Therefore, if you are seeing this issue, please check you are connecting from an IP address you have provided and that you are not behind a VPN.

I have applied a channel to a player device, but there is no audio?

Info: The available Digital Signage channels are designed to be visual only with no sound output – there is also no option to have sound on these channels. 

The TV remote is not allowing me to control media playback?

The ScreachTV App does not provide media playback controls as it is not designed to work with a remove control like a typical consumer streaming App. You cannot pause or change channel using the remote control; users can only exit the App using the remote. The application is designed for use in public spaces where you would control all the screens in the space from a central location and therefore not with the devices remote control. In this instance the central location is the tv.screach management portal and any changes made in this interface will be reflected in the app.

Why am I unable to access content?

As these channels are geo-fenced, you must ensure you are connecting from an IP address you have provided in your QA developer documentation. 
Note:  all IP addresses specified by your testing documentation have been whitelisted, granting access to these channels.
If you have not provided IPs to be whitelisted, you will not be able to access these channels.

Step-by-step testing instructions

To sufficiently test the ScreachTV App, testers should apply the essential knowledge above and follow the steps or video below:

1. Using the supported device you want to add to the Screach control panel, first ensure that it is connected to the internet and then proceed to download the ScreachTV App . Continue by launching the App. 
2. Once launched, you will see a message stating “ Let’s get this device registered ” followed by a unique registration code. At this point you will need to go to and login to the tv.screach control panel using the login information you have been provided.
3. On the tv.screach portal, navigate to the venue you wish to add the player to using the location selector in the top right of the portal. Now go to the Players area, this can be found in the main navigation menu.
3. A popup window will appear saying “ Connect your new device ” where you should enter the unique registration code displayed on your player.
4. Now name your device and select the Save button , your device will then connect to Screach and will appear in the Players area.
5. A digital signage channel will then start playing on your device and your registration has been successful - testing is now complete.
Note: it can take up to 15 seconds for channels to show on some devices.

If you have a requirement to test multiple channels, follow the steps or video below:

6. Go to the Content Store - this can be found in the main navigation menu. Here you should go the channels titled “ Digital Signage ” or “ FreeSports ”.
7. Now select a channel followed by the Watch Now button.
8. A popup window will appear where you can select your player device. Click in the box(s) to select the players – then complete by selecting Update . The new channel will then play. 
Note: it can take up to 15 seconds for channels to show on some devices. 

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