Scheduling promotions

Scheduling promotions

If you want a promotion to show from or until specific time and date, you can use the scheduling tool. Scheduling ensures your promotions are always delivered on time and are never outdated!

1. Once you have uploaded your own media or selected a template from the promotional library, it will appear at the top of the Assets page.
2. From here, drag and drop the asset into the box with the pink + icon below – this will create your media item.
3. Click the dropdown option named Schedule. Here you can set your required Play from/until date and times by clicking on a date to change the date, and the time to change the time. Once set, click the Apply button.
4. If your scheduled time and dates are correct, select the Save button which can be found in the top right of the screen – you will then see the media item in the Promotions area.
5. Click and hold on the media item, then drag it to the right of the screen into the Active Promotions column. The media item will then automatically show on your players according to the schedule you have set.
Note: the media item will remain in the Active Promotions column until it is removed but will only show in channels according to the schedule which is set.

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